ICA 2012 Stats:

(Points Tournaments Only)
2012 Total Pounds = 3029.7 lb
2012 Total Catfish = 501 Catfish
2012 Points Champions – 2132 Points – Chuck Breedlove & James Halcomb
2012 Classic Champions – Brent McClellan & Jason Meece
2012 Big Fish of the Year – Lloyd Tanner & Robert Jancaric – 65.4 lb Blue Catfish

and a 6.05 pound average. We also averaged 20 boats per tournament.

3/18/12 – The Indiana Catfish Association held its Annual Hoosier Energy Turtle Creek Open on march 17th and the results are in. A big congratulations to the team of Jeff Schmeltz , Dustin Doss & Joel Scott. They place 1st in the 117 boat field with a 10 channel catfish limit weighing 24.9 pounds. Big Fish honors was hauled in by the team of Kenny Boller & Ron Beaver with a 7.0 pound channel cat. 

6/19/12 – The ICA held our 4th points tournament of 2012 on Lake Freeman at Pearsons Marina. 18 boats weighed 30 catfish for a total of 114.4 pounds. Chuck Breedlove & James & Rachael Halcomb took 1st Place with a 6 catfish limit weighing 28.1 pounds. Big Fish of the tournament was a caught by them as well and weighed 9.3 pounds. 

7/16/12 – The results for the White River at Williams are in. 21 boats weighed 45 catfish for a total of 282.7 pounds. 1st place honors went to Deward King & Gill Frederick for a 4 fish limit weighing 69.1 pounds. Big Fish went to Brad Fix & Tom Bartlett with an 24.7 lb Blue.

8/4/12 – A big congratulations to the team of James Halcomb & Chuck Breedlove for their 1st place finish at Brookville Reservoir. They weighed a total of 32.1 pounds of Channel cats and took home $300 for 1st Place. Casey Tutorow & John LeMaster took Big Fish honors with a 7.4 pound Channel and took home $150 for Big Fish

Jason Meece & Brent McClellan became our Classic Champions with a win on 10/28/12 also at New Albany. They weighed 3 catfish for 52.2 pounds to take top honors. This is their 1st Classic Championship.

10/27/12  – Casey Tutorow & John LeMaster won the 8th points tourney  at New Albany with 5 catfish totaling 123.7 pounds.