ICA had its annual business meeting this last Sat Dec 12th 2015. here is the changes that were made for the following year.

1. Entry fee is raised back to $100 from $60. The ICA has chosen to keep the same amount ($10) thus making our payouts higher and making us a 90% payout tourney. We used to be $100 entry years back but lowered it.

2. Membership option, Membership is still only $25 with the option of getting a 1 yr subscription to Catfish Magazine with your annual ICA membership for only $40. (The magazine sub by itself is $35) The $10 trial membership is stll in place!(added to bylaws)

3.Bylaw change from 4 rivers and 4 lakes to 4 Big rivers 2 small rivers and 2 lakes for points tournaments.

4. Points champions recieve entry fee for Missippi River Monsters tournament in 2017. If they will not go it goes to next in points. (No cash). They will also have an article done about them in Catfish Magazine.

5. Opens count towards annual ICA prizes . However you must be classic eligible to win an ICA annual prize. ie big fish of the year.

6. Upping turtle creek entry from $10 to $20

7. Draw for start at every tournament. 20 second intervals with last number calling the launch.

8. 8 door prize tickets will be drawn for at each points tournament up to the 8-27-2016 tourney 4 for Monsters on the Ohio entry 4 for Rising Sun entry. On 8-27 tourney we reveal 1 winner for each of those. So all you have to do is attend a points tourney and you have a chance at winning entry to one of the 2 big tournaments!

9. If your classic eligible partner can not attend classic your spouse or child may fish it with you.

We hope to see you guys on the water! And remember if you want to see change in the ICA the business meeting is where you need to be next year as a member!