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The ICA is a 501(c)(7) not for profit organization. A 501(c)(7) is a non profit Social and Recreatonal club. All proceeds are used strictly for the Indiana Catfish Association, no one is profiting, all ICA officers are volunteers. This means that 100% of any monies collected by the ICA goes to the running of the club and/or back out to our members in the form of prizes,awards, etc. This sets us apart from most other clubs.

Indiana Catfish Association

We are an amateur fishing club organized for the purpose of socializing, recreation and the pleasure of cat fishing. The ICA is a civic, fraternal and charitable organization. It was founded in 1999 to be an organization with goals for better fishery management, setting daily bag and size limits, stocking programs, catch and release research, education and to provide its members with an opportunity to fish with Indiana’s finest catfish anglers. The ICA conducts three separate programs

ICA Tournaments The ICA organizes and conducts several catfish fishing tournaments during the year on both rivers and reservoirs. Anyone paying the yearly membership dues of $25.00 and the tournament entry fees ($60.00 per boat per tournament) may fish in as many catfish tournaments as they desire. We also will run “open” tournaments. You do not have to be a member to fish an “open” tournament, but will be required to pay the entry fee. This gives anyone a chance to come and win cash prizes and other sponsor given awards. We will weigh channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish at our tournaments.

ICA Tournament Point Series The ICA runs a points system for members who fish. The ICA’s point system is designed to recognize the most accomplished catfish angler(s) of the year. The angler(s) with the highest point totals receive awards or prizes at the conclusion of the tournament season. Points will be not be awarded for “open” tournaments

ICA Classic Tournament Any Indiana Catfish Association member in good standing who fishes 6 of 8 ICA points tournaments in this calendar year, is eligible to fish the ICA Classic Tournament. There will be no entry fee for the ICA Classic. The potential pay out is $2,000.00 with an optional big fish pot of $20 per team. Should the payout reach the $2,000.00 mark, the anticipated awards for the top spots are: 1st = $750, 2nd = $500 & 3rd = $250, 4th = $200, 5th = $175 & 6th = $125. No ICA Tournament Series points are awarded for this event.



What are the ICA By-Laws and Objectives?

  • To unite Indiana’s catfishing people
  • To promote and to protect Indiana’s catfish populations and waters
  • To promote catch and release programs
  • To collect research for stocking programs, size limits and daily bag limits
  • To follow all state fishing and boating laws
  • To compete and conduct ourselves with good sportsmanship
  • To help teach all fishing people, as well as ourselves, how to catch more fish

The following lists what the ICA has done, what we are currently doing and what our future plans are.

To unite Indiana’s catfishing people:
By forming this Association and and keeping it operational, we continue to unite. We continually try to boost membership and help the ICA grow. This will allow us to affect changes in state laws, and in the publics perception of cat fisherman as well as the fishing industry as a whole.

To promote and to protect Indiana’s catfish populations and waters:
The ICA holds tournaments on different bodies of water across our state every year. We compete on both rivers and reservoirs. We try to change river lauch sites and different reservoirs each year. This gives our membership the opportunity to fish places they may not ordinarily fish.

To promote catch and release programs:
One of the ICA’s tournament rules is no dead fish allowed and all fish must be relaesed after weigh in. This will ensure that the catfish population is not depleted by over harvest. The hope is that our anglers will realize that mature fish are worth more in reproductive value than as table fare. Most of our memebrs now practice catch and release even when not fishing tournaments.

To collect research for stocking programs, size limits and daily bag limits:
The Indiana DNR requires all tournaments on reservoirs to keep track of length and species of fish weighed in. The ICA also sends not only the information required, but also the information from our river tournaments. The DNR then uses this info for future rules and regulations and to see how a particular body of water has an increase/decrease of the species of fish. The ICA also obtained a stocking permit for flatheads on the Saint Joseph river. We are currently working with fishery biologists to see where else we may help.

To follow all state fishing and boating laws:
Again, this is one of our tournament rules. We encourage all members to not only practice the laws, but good common fishing courtesy as well. We must lead by example. The ICA also passes out Indiana boating law pamphlets to anyone interested. These will be available at our tournaments. We also encourage our members to take the IN Boat Safety Course (on-line). It is free.

To compete and conduct ourselves with good sportsmanship:
Once again, one of our tournament rules. Competition can bring about the best in anglers. It makes you want to learn more and do better each time. We all need to continue to both win and loose gracefully. How we treat others under different circumstances is a direct reflection on you personally and our association.

To help teach all fishing people, as well as ourselves, how to catch more fish:
We have a great buch of fisherman at the ICA. Most anyone will help out new or struggling anglers with everything from advice to giving them bait or whatever may be needed. Please don’t hesitate to ask. The ICA periodically has held catfish seminars free to our members. These are designed to teach new techniques on how to catch more catfish. We have had TN River guide and Cabela’s Classic champion Phil King come and speak on blue catfishing the big rivers using his drift technique. We have aslo held a seminar given by various members on different approaches to catching fish. This is something we will plan on in the near future as well.

What’s the Cost?

Membership dues are $25.00 per calendar year and include husband, wife and children under age 16. Only members may compete in the Points Tournament Series. You will not be required to be a member to fish any “open” tournaments. Points tournament entry fees are $60.00 per boat per tournament.

How Can I Contribute?

There are many ways to help out our organization. You can visit our download page and print out information to put in your local area bait shops. You can volunteer at our tournaments for various duties such as raffle, boat inspections, etc. You can contact the officers and let them know that you are interested in a committee position. With all of our help, we can continue to make the ICA a great organization that we can all be proud of!

How Do I Join?

It’s easy. Just go to our downloads page. Click on and print our membership form and send it along with your check or money order for $25 to the address listed. You also may bring it with you and join at any of our tournaments.. You may request an information packet to be mailed to you or you can download it from the downloads page as well. If you have any questions you may call Scott at 812-614-1288.

Our Leadership Team

We are committed to growing the sport of catfishing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any member of our leadership team. They will be glad to help you in any way that they can.

Club President


Chris “FUD” Wallace

The President Chris can be reached for tournament and membership questions as well as rule or club questions.

He can be reached at 765-212-9722 or evilfud@gmail.com

Club Vice President

Tournament Director


Terry Holding

Terry has been with the ICA for many years and is very knowledgeable about catching big fish.

Tournament rules and guideline questions may be directed to him at all fishing tournaments or, in advance, through the contact form.

Secratary & Treasurer


Mary Jane Wood

Mary Jane is currently serving as the ICA’s Secretary and Treasurer.

When she is not maintaining her many club responsibilities she tries to get some fishing in.

She can be reached through the contact form.


We Truly Care

The Indiana Catfish Association is proud to support Cell Phones for Soldiers. This is a 501(c)3 program to help our troops overseas stay connected with their loved ones. Donate your used cell phones today – proceeds will be used to purchase calling cards for U.S. Soldiers serving overseas.

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Please help our troops stay connected by donating your used cell phones today. Every phone makes a difference! Each phone donated equals about an hour of talk time for a soldier.

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