Is the ICA a non profit organization?

A) Yes, the ICA is a 501(c)7 not for profit Social and Recreational club.

Where does the money go that the ICA makes?

A) The money that the ICA takes in goes to the running of the club. It includes everything from awards to supplies, DNR fees, insurance, printing, postage, advertising, etc. No one makes a profit. All officers are volunteers.

What is the cost of membership and who does it include?

A) An ICA membership cost $25 per calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31) and includes husband, wife and children under age 16.

What would it cost to fish an ICA tournament?

A) The total cost to fish your first ICA points tournament would be $25 membership dues each + $60 entry fee per boat. Membership dues are only paid once per calendar year. The $60 entry fee is due at every tournament you plan to compete in. Open tournaments only cost the $60 entry fee (no membership fee) except for the Turtle Creek open. It is only a $10 entry fee.

How much is the Big Fish Pot?

A) The Big Fish Pot is included in the $60 tournament entry fee.

Why does the ICA fish rivers and reservoirs?

A) The ICA believes that if you want to be a points champion, you have to be proficient in fishing both rivers and reservoirs. For those not striving to be a points champion, learning to fish both rivers and reservoirs is a great skill building exercise on the road to becoming a better angler.

Can I fish from the bank at the tournament?

A) No. Every tournament participant must fish from a boat.

How many people can fish out of my boat?

A) The ICA allows 1 – 3 people per boat. Everyone must be ICA members or covered by your membership. (Spouse or children under 16)

Can I fish with my kids?

A) You may fish with your kids, provided that they are members or covered under your membership (Under age 16). You are still limited to 3 people per boat per the ICA rules unless special arrangements are made in writing with the ICA Tournament Director.

For events like the Turtle Creek tournament where special rules are in place, you may fish with as many children as you wish to bring, but you must follow the rod limits listed in the main ICA rules. In accordance with state law the capacity limits on your boat must also be followed.

Can I fish alone?

A) All members may fish with 1-3 people in their boat. While it is allowed within the club rules to fish alone, the ICA recommends that you fish with a partner for personal and boating safety reasons.

How many rods & reels can we use?

A) ICA rules allow for the use of 6 rod and reels for 2 – 3 people in a boat. Only 3 rod & reels if fishing alone. 1 extra combo is allowed per boat as a back up.

So if you are fishing alone you can have 4 rods and reels in the boat but only 3 may be used at once.

If you are fishing with 2-3 people you can have 7 rods and reels in the boat but only 6 may be used at once.

What is meant by “No culling at ramp”?

A) Culling is a term used for throwing fish back that you do not plan on weighing in. So you may not throw fish back in the ramp area.

All culling should be done before you get back for weigh in. This means that you can only bring 6 fish back to the ramp to weigh in. You cannot have anymore than that on your boat or you will be disqualified.

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