Points Race

Current Big Fish Standings

Big Fish of the year (Plaque)

Big Flathead of the year ($100) Brent & RL Ramsey 34.9 Lake Monroe

Big Channel Cat of the year ($100) Cory Wines 13.9 Morse Resivoir

Big Blue Cat of the year ($100) M.J. Terry 35.2  Worthington

ICA 2017 Points Race Top 10 Minus Worst Finish

1. Terry Holding and Mary Jane Wood 620

2. Casey Tutorow,  Andrew Han 609

3. Corey Peterson and Travis Yost 592

4. Charles Breedlove and James Halcomb 583

Nick Han  583

5.  Ron Streeter and George Lemaster 574

6.  Brent & RL 569

7. Garret Chapman  562

Cory Wines       562

8. Lloyed Tanner and Robert Jancerick 560

Scott Wisman & Fud    560

Childress & Arthur

9.  Caleb Tyner    545

Justin Shroyer   545

10. Hupp & Sutton 530




** 25 bonus points awarded for fishing all 9 ICA series events

The ICA Points Division is designed to recognize the most accomplished angler(s) of the year.
The angler(s) with the highest point totals receive awards or prizes at the conclusion of the season. Usually, the top five in points will get their choice of a trophy, a jacket or a plaque. Fifth through tenth place will recieve a plaque. The Points Champion will also have their name engraved on the ICA Trophy of Champions shown above.
Following are the rules and manner in which points are assessed:

  1. Points are awarded for all ICA tournaments designated as Points Division Tournaments.
  2. All ICA tournament rules apply to the Points Division.
  3. The boat catching the most weight in catfish according to the tournament rules will receive 300 points. The points will drop by 3 points per place
  4. Each boat will be awarded one point per catfish weighed in.
  5. A 5 point bonus will be awarded to the boat weighing in the heaviest catfish.
  6. A 5 point bonus will be awarded for weighing in a channel, a blue and a flathead at the same tournament (trifecta).
  7. A 25 point bonus will be awarded for fishing all 8 ICA Points Tournaments.
  8. Boats not weighing in fish will receive last place points.
  9. The top ten 10 finishers at the end of the ICA tournament season will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet.
  10. In event of a tie, the total number of fish weighed-in during ICA Points Division Tournaments will decide a member(s) place. If there is still a tie, the member(s) weighing-in the heaviest catfish during an ICA Points Division Tournament will place higher.
  11. ICA members may miss one ICA Points Division Tournament separately and will be allowed 1 substitution each. Non members are ok. A $5 membership fee will be charged for each non member substitution.
  12. A score of zero (0) will be awarded for any tournament a member does not pay to fish. May pre-pay before tournament that you do not plan to fish and receive last place points minus 3
  13. The final scoring will be a total of the members highest 8 Points Division Tournament totals.
  14. Member fishing at leastt 7 of 9 points tourneys will be eligible for yearly Classic and Big Fish of the Year Award.
  15. A $100 bonus will be given to the person with the biggest blue, flathead, and channel catfish for the year. Must fish 7 of 9 points tourneys.

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