ICA tournament rules

1. All participants must be ICA members.  $5 yearly membership will include spouse and children under 18 living in your home.

2. $60.00 Entry fee per boat, no refunds. Big fish pot of $20 is included in the $60 entry.

3. 1-3 person allowed per boat.

4. 5 catfish limit, no dead catfish, no culling at ramp. All catfish released after weigh-in. Only channel, blue and flathead catfish will be weighed.

5. Minimum 16 inch length limit. A 5lb penalty will be assessed for each short catfish brought to scale. No stringers allowed.

6. no rod limit allowed in boat for 2-3 men but only 6 in use at any time. For 1 man team only 3 in use at any time UNLESS YOU ARE ON OHIO RIVER WITH A KY FISHING LICENSE, YOU MAY USE 6 RODS. One man team is still restricted to one blue or flathead over 35” one channel over 28” instead of two.

7. All catfish must be caught on rod and reel only. No catfish may be taken from trot, jug or limb-lines.

8. All Indiana state fishing and boating laws apply. Must show valid IN fishing license.

9. Life jackets must be worn at take-off.

10. No trailering boats allowed. All entrants must launch from designated ramp. No shore fishing.

11. No trading or accepting catfish with or from another entry, or with another person on shore or water.

12. Any legal commercial or natural bait is permitted. No chumming of any type allowed.

13. No anchoring or drifting within 50 yards of an anchored boat unless permission is given by the anchored boat.

14. No alcohol is permitted during event or weigh-in.

15. All boats must return to weigh in headquarters for safety reasons, whether fish are weighed or not.

16. Late to weigh-in results in disqualification.

17. If your boat is broke down, please make an X with your arms to alert people you are broke down. If a boat does not stop, they will be disqualified. If you stop to help, you will not be disqualified, but the boat being towed in will…providing you are both late to weigh-in.

18. Must not be on the water after noon before night tournaments and after midnight before day tournaments. May launch 3 hours prior to start but stay in sight of the ramp.

19. In the event of a tie, the team with the most fish will place higher. If still tied, the team with the largest fish will place higher.

20. No one may be allowed to compete who has been proved to have cheated or who has exhibited improper conduct at any previous tournament.

21. Courtesy and sportsmanship will be expected and practiced by all event participants.

22. ICA, Indiana DNR, and event workers are not responsible for accident or injury. A waiver must be signed.

23. All protest must be made in writing before weigh-in. Disputes will be settled by event director and tournament committee.

24. ICA annual awards such as Big fish of the year and big fish of each species is only available for members who are classic eligible. Open tournaments count towards annual awards but again only for classic eligible members.

25. Tournament hours may be extended/delayed due to weather (i.e fog, storms, safety, etc.).

26. 2015 Ohio River Kentucky Regulations, the slot limit is as follows, only 1 Flathead over 35”, only 1 Blue Cat over 35” and only 1 channel cat over 28”, is allowed to be brought to the Ramp per person, Boat limit is 2 over per species even if you have 3 person team.

27. ALL ICA tournaments will be draw for start with 20 seconds between each call and last place calling out launch.

28. Violation of any of these rules are grounds for disqualification and/or expulsion from the ICA. Disqualification equals 1 point only.

ICA tournament payouts

(Based on $60 entry)     1-5 entries pays 1st and big fish
                                6-10 PAYS 2 PLACES AND BIG FISH
                                11+ PAYS 3 PLACES AND BIG FISH
ica payout CLICK red tap to enlarge

ICA tournaments

The ICA organizes and conducts several catfish fishing tournaments during the year on both rivers and reservoirs. Anyone paying the yearly membership dues of $5.00 and the tournament entry fees ($60.00 per boat per tournament) may fish in as many catfish tournaments as they desire. We also will run “open” tournaments. You do not have to be a member to fish an “open” tournament, but will be required to pay the entry fee. This gives anyone a chance to come and win cash prizes and other sponsor given awards. We will weigh channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish at our tournaments.

ICA tournament point series

The ICA runs a points system for members who choose to fish it. The ICA’s point system is designed to recognize the most accomplished catfish angler(s) of the year. The angler(s) with the highest point totals receive awards or prizes at the conclusion of the tournament season. Points will not be awarded for “open” tournaments.

ICA Classic tournament

Any Indiana Catfish Association member in good standing who fishes 7 of 9 ICA points tournaments in the calendar year, is eligible to fish the ICA Classic Tournament. There will be no entry fee for the ICA Classic. The potential pay out is $2,000.00 with an optional big fish pot of $20 per team. Should the payout reach the $2,000.00 mark, the anticipated awards for the top spots are: 1st = $750, 2nd = $500 & 3rd = $250, 4th = $200, 5th = $175 & 6th = $125. No ICA Tournament Series points are awarded for this event.



Constitution and ByLaws

This document herein contains the Indiana Catfish Association’s Constitution and ByLaws. It will outline the duties and responsibilities of all elected officials of the ICA and when and how the election should be ran. It also contains information on the ICA objectives, purpose and member rights.

Article I – Name and Purpose of the Organization:

  1. This organization shall be known as the Indiana Catfish Association or ICA for short.
  2. The ICA is an amateur fishing club organized for the purpose of socializing, recreation and the pleasure of cat fishing.
  3. The ICA is a civic, fraternal and charitable organization and will strive to be a 501(c)(7) Not for Profit Organization.
  4. The ICA shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color or religion.
  5. Membership shall be limited to those that wish to further the objectives of the ICA.
  6. The ICA shall hold at least eight events or social activities per calendar year for the purpose of personal contact, commingling and fellowship.
  7. The ICA shall operate its website and maintain ownership of the domain.


Article II Objectives:

  1. To unite Indiana’s catfishing people. By forming this Association and keeping it operational, we continue to unite. We continually try to boost membership and help the ICA grow. This will allow us to affect changes in state laws, and in the public’s perception of cat fisherman as well as the fishing industry as a whole.
  2. To promote and to protect Indiana’s catfish populations and waters.
  3. To promote catch and release programs. One f the ICA’s tournament rules is “no dead fish allowed” and all fish must be released after weigh in. This will ensure that the catfish population is not depleted by over harvest. The hope is that our anglers will realize that mature fish are worth more in reproductive value than as table fare. Most of our members now practice catch and release even when not fishing tournaments.
  4. To collect research for stocking programs, size limits and daily bag limits.
  5. To follow all state fishing and boating laws. Again, this is one of our tournament rules. We encourage all members to not only practice the laws, but good common fishing courtesy as well. We must lead by example. We encourage our members to take the IN Boat Safety Course (on-line). It is free.
  6. To compete and conduct ourselves with good sportsmanship. Once again, one of our tournament rules. Competition can bring about the best in anglers. It makes you want to learn more and do better each time. We all need to continue to both win and loose gracefully. How we treat others under different circumstances is a direct reflection on you personally and our association.
  7. To help teach all fishing people, as well as ourselves, how to catch more fish. We have a great bunch of fisherman at the ICA. Most anyone will help out new or struggling anglers with everything from advice to giving them bait or whatever may be needed. Please don’t hesitate to ask. The ICA periodically has held catfish seminars free to our members. These are designed to teach new techniques on how to catch more catfish.

Article III – Member Rights:

  1. To vote for elected officials and call a re vote.
  2. To run for office
  3. To participate in any or all ICA functions
  4. To help promote the ICA
  5. To Propose and changes
  6. To request to view any or all ICA paperwork at any reasonable time
  7. To call into question the start time of any event where an unsafe condition may be present.
  8. To have the right to appeal sanctions from tournaments. Member has one week to report and appeal sanctions to an ICA officer. Officers have 30 days to conclude investigation and make final decision. Member may NOT compete until final decision is made.

Article IV – Member Dues:

  1. The ICA shall be supported by its membership with fees,dues and club activities.
  2. Membership dues are $5 per calendar year.
  3. Dues must be paid before participating in any vote or event.
  4. Dues may be raised or lowered by a 2/3 majority vote.

Article V – Elections:

  1.  An election should be held every two years to encompass all offices of the ICA.
  2. The election should take place at the annual business meeting.
  3. Provisions shall be made to fully inform members of nominations and voting procedures to include write in ballots and absentee ballots so that every member has the opportunity to vote.
  4. All write in ballots must be received by the start of the meeting.
  5. Majority vote determines outcome.
  6. A determination of winners must be declared before meeting is adjourned.
  7. New officers will take effect on Jan. 1st of the following year.
  8. Every effort will be made by the outgoing officers to aid and help familiarize the new officers to their positions. To include all paperwork and contacts for anyone wanting or needing information on the ICA.
  9. Any member may request a recount immediately following the first count only.
  10. All officers shall make themselves available as contacts for anyone wanting or needing information on the ICA.
  11. Any officer may be voted out of office at either of our two meetings if that officer is proven to be derelict in their duty or if offenses of misconduct occur.
  12. Officers shall hold office for a term of two years or until their successors are elected.
  13. Elected officials include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman of the Tournament and Rules Committee and Chairman of the Fundraising Committee.

Article VI – Presidential Duties:

  1. To arrange, call to order, read the agenda of, call members to vote and adjourn all meetings of which there will be two each year.
  2. To expedite all ICA business in every way compatible with the rights of our members.
  3. To authenticate by signing any necessary paperwork, including but not limited to, all financial reports and government paperwork necessary for the proper running of the ICA.
  4. T ensure a safe and fair operation of all ICA events to include the obtaining of all insurance and related paperwork.
  5. To coordinate the purchase of all awards, prizes and related articles.
  6. To oversee the check in and weigh in process at all ICA events.
  7. To pass along all information necessary for other officers to perform their duties.
  8. To conduct themselves with the highest of decorum in all matters relating to the ICA.
  9. To ensure that safe conditions exist before beginning any event.
  10. To appoint other committees as the need arises.

Article VII – Vice Presidential Duties:

  1. To take over the responsibilities of the president when the president is absent or unavailable.
  2. To aid the president when requested in presidential duties.
  3. To help conduct the check in and weigh in process at all ICA events.

Article VIII – Secretarial Duties:

  1.  To take the necessary notes at all ICA functions and disseminate all information to our members by way of a newsletter.
  2. To operate and maintain the ICA website.
  3. To gather and keep all paperwork related to events, finance reports, membership and all other related matters of the ICA
  4. To aid officers at check in and weigh in by keeping all paperwork and related material.
  5. To gather information to prepare the agenda for all meetings and events.
  6. To ensure all officers have the necessary paperwork outlining their positions.
  7. To receive from the treasurer a quarterly financial report to put in our newsletter to keep our members informed.
  8. To have on hand at every event all relevant paperwork pertaining to the ICA and must be made available to any and all members.

Article IX – Treasurer Duties:

  1. To keep all financial records and report them to the president and secretary quarterly.
  2. To countersign all disbursement checks.
  3. To make available any or all financial records requested by any ICA member.
  4. To obtain and maintain any necessary financial accounts.

Article X – Chairman – Tournament and Rules Committee Duties:

  1. To oversee the proper running of all ICA events to include making sure all tournament rules are followed.
  2. To make decisions concerning any questions that arise during the course of any event via committee vote with the president voting in case of a tie. Also known as the Tournament Director.
  3. To determine if any rule changes may need to be made and present them to the president to bring to a vote.
  4. To ensure that safe conditions exist before beginning any event to include individual boat safeness.
  5. To determine schedule for all events ensuring that 3 will be on Ohio River 3 will be on small rivers and 3 will be on lakes. And to have said schedule turned in to the secretary by Dec. 1st.
  6. To appoint any or all committeemen if necessary.

A) – Tournament & Rules Committeemen (Max =4)

  1. To aid the chairmen in his or her duties.

Article XI – Chairman – Fund Raising Committee Duties:

  1. To coordinate and implement programs to help the ICA raise funds for operating capitol.
  2. To submit such programs to the president for approval.
  3. To appoint any or all committeemen if necessary.

A) – Fund Raising Committeemen (Max = 2)

  1. To aid the chairmen in his or her duties.

Article XII – Amendments:

  1. The ICA constitution may only be amended by a 2/3 majority vote.
  2. The ICA tournament rules may only be amended by a majority vote.
  3. Any amendments must be voted on at an ICA meeting.
  4. Any or all parts of this constitution may at any time be considered null and void if found to be in conflict with existing or future state or federal law.

Article XIII – Dissolution:

  1. In the event the ICA (by a 2/3 majority) votes to dissolve. All assets  shall be sold and the funds shall be split equally among all current members.
  2. Proper notice, in writing, shall be given to all members.

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